Finding Magic In Scotland During The Easter Holidays

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With Quinn studying at Academy of Expressive Arts the first week of the Easter holidays, we had a lot of exploring to catch up on! This week has been a week of adventures for sure both local and more further afield. We love to explore together as a family and we made a deal a last month to visit and re visit as many locations across the country as we can this year.

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Dunnottar Castle

On Sunday we re visited a very special castle indeed. Dunnottar Castle, or Merida’s Castle as my Little Peter Pan calls it, is the inspiration behind Castle DunBroch in Disney Pixar‘s Brave. Situated just outside the village of Stonehaven near Aberdeen, the Castle is always awash with visitors from all over the world and its no wonder due to its incredible surroundings. The scenery is simply breathtaking with its gorgeous pebble beach and glorious cliffs that are definitely not for the faint heated! Although now a ruin, Dunnottar Castle is still as beautiful none the less and is a photogenic gem. The castle grounds and views are free and the pricing for entering the castle is currently £7 per adult and £3 per child.

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Never Land Play Park Kirriemuir

On Monday Quinn couldn’t contain his excitement at the opportunity of visiting his favourite place out with Walt Disney World, the Never land park. You may remember that I wrote about this very magical place last year and with the sun showing up, we decided to take our first road trip of the year to Kirriemuir. The park was actually quite busy for the most part, as obviously everyone had the same idea to get out and about whilst the sun was shining! Like Disney, Quinn loves to come here so much as he can play and dance and truly be himself. We spent a few hours here with a picnic lunch and Quinn even found a little friend which was lovely to see.

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J.M Barrie’s Birthplace 

While we were in Kirriemuir, we stopped by J.M Barrie’s birthplace for another visit and also to become members of the National Trust for Scotland. With J.M Barrie meaning so much to my Little Peter Pan, we knew this was the location we wanted to benefit from us joining. Quinn was excited to see that the garden he loves to play in is in the process of being renovated and is due to be completed by our next visit during the Easter weekend. Its very humbling to see Quinn so immersed in the beginnings of his childhood hero and to have there opportunity to play in the outhouse where J.M Barrie once performed plays at the very same age. As we joined on the day, entry to the house was free but currently costs £7 per adult and £6 per child.

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I can’t wait to see where our membership takes us and what adventures lay ahed of us this year! Do you have a favourite place to visit in Scotland? I would love to hear all about it!

Alannah x

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