The Magic of Never Land

The closest place to Never Land for us is my Little Peter Pan’s happy place outwith Disney, the Never Land play park in Kirriemuir, Scotland. The play park is a Peter Pan fans dream, with a fantastic huge wooden Pirate ship where you never have to grow up. On board you can run and explore the deck, climb the crows nest, hide in the cabin and blast the cannons, you can even take the wheel and sail to Never Land. Of course Captain Hook and Peter Pan are onboard to join the adventure, but look out for Tick Tock in the sea below! There is a large slide and swing also attached to the ship.



On our visit to the park last week, Quinn dressed as Peter of course and we spent three and a half hours of fun here. The park is an 80 to 90 minute drive from where we live, so we make the most of our time here when the weather is nice. Luckily on our visit it was a beautiful spring afternoon and we actually saw some sun!



Theres no better feeling as a parent than to see your child glowing with happiness and thats what happens each time we visit this magical park. Over at Hangmans tree, Peter Pans hideout, there is a slide and inside a little table with cute little stools. On our visit, Quinn found a friend and together they were role playing as Wendy and Peter which was really cute to see! There is also a zip line, a mini roundabout, a rope swing and a large swing and some baby swings for the smaller Never Land park visitors.



The Never Land play park is situated on Kirriemuir hill and was built in 2010 to mark the 150th anniversary of J.M Barrie’s birth in 1860. James Matthew Barrie was a novelist and playwright, but best remembered as the creator of Peter Pan. His birth and resting place is Kirriemuir where he lived as boy and later gifted the town the Camera Obscura along with the cricket pavilion, which is situated next to the Never Land park.




The Camera Obscura provides the prettiest views of the surrounding countryside and is such a fantastic, fun experience if you haven’t visited one before. Its one of only four in Scotland and is completely self funded by the Kirriemuir Heritage Trust and ran by volunteers. There is no admission charge, but they do welcome donations towards the upkeep of the building. The staff are so welcoming and love to tell of the history and background of the pavilion. There is a little shop that is currently in expansion to become a cafe. Quinn loves all the little details that have been added such as the J.M Barrie quotes on the benches, the cute little signs and the kites that are free to take out to the grass and learn to fly.




Hoping for another visit to Kirriemuir soon, where we plan to visit J.M Barrie’s birthplace, the house that he was brought up in and performed his first play at the age of 7. Quinn loves to be immersed in the Peter Pan heritage there and I’m so happy to help him learn about his hero.

Alannah x

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