Ad – Come Feel The Noize At Rock of Ages

AD/PR EVENT-As always, all views and opinions are my own.

Last night, Kevin and I had the pleasure of being invited along by Aberdeen Performing Arts to the press evening of Rock Of Ages at His Majesty’s Theatre.

Rock of Ages as the smash-hit musical embarks on its 2023 farewell tour. They transported us back to the LA strip of the 1980s and the Bourbon Room with its Fogmaster 5000.  

The legendary show tells the story of Stacie Jaxx–Played by Cameron Sharp and Drew–Played by Sam Turrell as they make their way from mid-town USA to Los Angeles in pursuit of their respective acting and rock n roll dreams. Both find work at the Bourbon Room, owned by the washed out rocker Dennis–Played by Kevin Kennedy, also known as Curly from Coronation Street. Dennis provides much of the show’s hilarity and had the audience in fits of laughter frequently. 

Dennis faces a battle to keep his bar open as father and son duo Franz and Hertz, the German property developers, come to town and complete a dirty deal with the mayor to redevelop the strip. The crowd were treated to a huge number of rock classics, including Feel the Noize; We Built this City, Dead or Alive and Keep on Lovin You. 

As the show ends with the entire audience on their feet to Don’t Stop Believing, Stacie and Drew discover that the dreams they arrived in LA with are not necessarily the same ones that they leave with. One thing for sure though is the audience had a great night–and for many we were back in the 80s even if just for a few hours!

If you’re ready to rock, then Rock of Ages is at His Majesty’s Theatre Aberdeen until Saturday 18th February. Tickets are available here.  

Alannah x

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