The Beauty of Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

Our little family had such a lovely stay at Disney’s Boardwalk Villa’s on our most recent trip. Today, I’m going to talk about the planning involved during the lead up to our visit, and our amazing room we stayed in once we got there.

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Since joining the Disney Vacation Club back in 2014, we have been so caught up in spending time at our favourite home resorts, we often forget the many other great resorts Walt Disney World has to offer. We had been looking to pay Boardwalk another visit for a while , so at the 7 month window opportunity, we swapped our Animal Kingdom Lodge stay over for a trip back to the Boardwalk Villas. You may remember me talking earlier about our last stay at Boardwalk during our first Welcome Home stay. This was prior to the room renovations that have now taken place and I was so excited to see the results.


Before we leave the UK, we like to put a room request in at the resorts we will be staying at during the trip. I love to plan ahead (me? never haha!) and I feel that we spend so much time and money organising our stay, we may aswell request a room/floor/location which we would like to stay in. For this stay, we booked a Boardwalk view studio and spent what felt like forever studying and deciding on the perfect room! You just never can tell when we will ever get that opportunity to stay at a non home resort again,so it is totally worth it! DVC are usually really good at allocating your room request and we could’nt have been happier with ours this visit.



We had already checked in online and received our room number via email , so upon arrival we stopped at the front desk to collect our Magicband’s and headed straight to our room. I forgot how long the Boardwalk’s corridors were and the suspense was killing me as we walked and walked! Finally we reached room and true to tradition, our Little Peter Pan opened the door. I almost cried when I took a couple of steps inside and saw Spaceship Earth shining gloriously through the curtains. I got an instant fashback to our lake view room at the Villas at Grand Floridian that looked straight on to Magic Kingdom. Our favourite room that we have ever stayed in to date!

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The refurbished room was so bright and pleasant, a total opposite to what it once was. It looked so fresh and the addition of the fold down sleeper was a great addition for our family, as it meant we didn’t have to make up the sofa for Quinn to sleep on each night. He tells us they are so comfortable and the adorable design varies at each resort, Dumbo being the theme at the Boardwalk Villa’s. Although the balcony’s at the resort are quite small, its amazing to sit and take in the atmosphere of the busy Boardwalk, with its restaurants, stores and evening entertainment. Disney’s Yaucht and Beach Club Resort and Epcot was also in view, which meant we could see Illuminations;Reflections of Earth and also Happy Ever After from afar!


Hopefully we won’t leave it too long until our next stay at Boardwalk Villa’s, next up is our stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge over Christmas and Bay Lake Tower over New Year’s.

Alannah x

The Grandest Breakfast At The Grand Floridian Cafe

Out of all our stays at the Grand Floridian Resort, for some reason we had never eaten breakfast at the Grand Floridian Cafe. Having enjoyed dinner there several times, a breakfast at this hidden gem was well overdue. The Grand Floridian Cafe is a beautiful, timeless table service restaurant overlooking the gardens at the back of the resort. I love to eat here as its often quiet, has a relaxed atmosphere and due to its size you can usually book an on the day reservation.



On the day of our breakfast we had mid morning plans over at Magic Kingdom, so made an 8am reservation. Upon arrival, the restaurant was fairly quiet and we were taken straight to our table. We were then greeted by our lovely server who took our drinks order and left us with the menus to look over. Quinn ordered the kids milk, myself a cup of English Breakfast tea and Kevin a regular coffee.

The Grand Floridian boasts an impressive menu choice for both the adults and kids, so much so that I didn’t know what to order! While we were debating over the menu, our server brought out a plate of warm biscuits accompanied with some maple syrup. They were absolutely delicious and it didn’t take very long for them to disappear from our table!


We were finally ready to place our order and our food came quite swiftly. Our Little Peter Pan decided on the Minnie’s Grand Cake which was a huge mouse shaped pancake, accompanied with some Mickey sprinkles. Quinn said his pancake was delicious, but of course he didn’t manage to eat it all as it was such a huge portion!

I  chose the Old Fashioned Buttermilk Pancakes which came served with my choice of bacon. I also opted for the add on enhancement of banana, chantilly cream and caramel sauce. I instantly regretted this decision when I saw how how big my portion was, but the pancakes were just amazing and I gave it a fair shot!

Kevin chose the Steak and Eggs which came served with a cheesy hash brown casserole and house made steak sauce. He was so impressed he said that it was the best breakfast he had ever had, not just on Disney property, anywhere!



Needless to say we left with full stomachs after our delightful breakfast. I would thoroughly recommend the Grand Floridian Cafe breakfast for a relaxing, slow paced breakfast filled with a variety of fresh cooked food. Its also a nice alternative for those families who prefer a non character or buffet breakfast. My mouth is watering as I type this and I can’t wait for our Christmas trip to come around so we can visit again!

Alannah x

Long Distance Disney Travel With Your Littles

Traveling long haul to and from Walt Disney World can be very tiring, with lots of walking and waiting around involved. When taking your little ones on such a long journey, you need to plan ahead and prepare as much as you can. Sadly for us we live 4205 miles from Walt Disney World, but luckily our Little Peter Pan has always been such a good traveller. He has never known anything else, his first flight being a nine and a half hour journey across the Atlantic at twenty one months old. Now he is a little older we tend to go the indirect route a lot more, allowing us to spend more at the all important destination.


We try to make our journey as fun as we can, with new Disney inspired outfits to add to the excitement. For our last trip, Quinn chose Cami & Chlo’s perfect Yo Ho Yo Ho a Disney Life For Me shirt to start our adventure, his favourite Walt Disney World varsity jacket and of course his Peter Pan hat. We don’t travel anywhere without his Disney Parks Stitch pillow pet. It is perfect for napping during the flight and Quinn also uses it as his pillow in the hotel for that added home comfort. His Peter Pan plush has also travelled with us since he has been two years old, but this trip Quinn decided to take the newly updated version from Disney Store UK. It was only right to let him share in as much fun and adventure as his older plush!

As many other 7 year olds, Quinn loves to draw so we always ensure to pack plenty paper and colouring pens and also some headphones for watching an inflight movie. These and playing games on his iPad keeps him entertained during the whole flight. Quinn’s headphones are from Leapfrog, they don’t hurt his ears at all, have built in sound control and are a winner as they are in his favourite colour green. We usually always bring a small travel game such as snakes and ladders or a pack of playing cards. Last but not least, we always ensure to bring plenty of snacks with us. If you are a parent to a fussy eater you will understand the importance of this!

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Exploring the airport shops and taking a look at the souvenirs is another fun way to pass the time whilst waiting. Depending on the time of year, there may be some characters walking around or even some entertainment. Most airports we visit have a kids play area, Quinn’s favourite being the Plane Fun area at Miami International Airport. Here you can learn how it feels to be a pilot, take a flight on a hot air balloon and take control of the flight tower. Very fun and educational too.




We always hire a car to get us to and around Walt Disney World and when theres a road trip involved like last trip, an all important playlist needs to be made. The songs on our trips playlist ranged from Disney classics such as Peter Pan to The Greatest Showman. A sing along definitely makes the car journey feel much quicker! The song of our trip was Thunder by Imagine Dragons, which Quinn became obsessed with after watching our friend Dustin’s latest Dubsmash video before we left!


With our plans already well under way for our next Disney adventure, i cant wait to start packing and do it all again! Do you have any tips on travelling with kids to share? Leave a message in the comments as i would love to hear any you may have.

Alannah x

Beating Those Post Disney Blues

We have been back home from Walt Disney World for over a week now and the magic has totally ended, sigh! Oh what a special and magical trip it was. We were totally immersed in the bubble (only leaving Disney property once so Quinn could go to Wendys!) and felt like we were away for such a long time. Of course all good things have to come to an end and spending so much time with your loved ones on the other side of the world comes with a hefty price tag, so back to work and school we go.


Of course the first way to beat those blues is to book another trip, hooray! That had already been done before we left for this trip, but before we flew back from Disney we created a waitlist to move our New Year stay at our Home resort Animal Kingdom Lodge to Bay Lake Tower. It had only been a few days and to our delight it came through! So looking forward to our stay and Christmas at Animal Kingdom Lodge first.

I’m sure many of you can relate to that empty feeling in your stomach as you drive under the Walt Disney World sign, which signifies the end of your trip. Weather it be a day, a weekend, or even weeks, you feel a broken person. So many feelings, memories and pure exhaustion from all the excitement and lack of sleep you may have lost. For our little family this is the moment Quinn loses it, just like he always does. His love for Peter Pan tugs on his little heart strings and he becomes an inconsolable wreck. Many people have asked the question, Why is he so upset? Or made the comment, you should be grateful for the time you get to spend at Disney. That indeed we truly are, but trying to explain to a 7 year old who has just spent the last two weeks running around his own little Never Land with Peter Pan is hard.


To try and lift his spirits at the airport, i always make a little video for Little Peter Pan to look back at. It always puts a smile on his and our faces to look back at his wonderful adventures with his best friend.

Sorting through photographs and videos is another way to take your mind off those dreaded Disney blues. If you are anything like me, your photo count will be into the thousands and coming from many places, your phone, your husbands phone, the camera and Disney Photopass. Im so thankful when they capture that all important memory and Quinn really likes the Magic shots too. He has his own library of him with Tink! One thing he is always excited to get back to is his toys. After this trip, he created his own Disney World and played for hours on end taking all his little characters to Magic Kingdom on the Monorail.



Quinns favourite thing to do once we get back of course is to officially start his chalk countdown. He updates it every Monday morning, so we can start our week on a happy note. Heres hoping our countdown fly in like the last one!

Alannah x

First Day Traditions at the Most Magical Place on Earth

For as long as I can remember, the first day of our trips to Walt Disney World have followed the same tradition. Of course things don’t always go to plan and we have had our fair share of delayed flights, resulting in us spending what would have been the first day of our vacation in an airport hotel room or travelling across the Atlantic. Generally speaking though, we like to make and stick to the same plan which includes Magic Kingdom, Peter Pan of course and plenty of yummy food!

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Quinn always wakes up at 5.30am EST on our first morning. Its like his body clock is adjusted already and he is ready to start his day! Not so handy for his tired Mum and Dad, but it does give us plenty time to get ready and soak in the magic at the resort we are staying in before we head off to Magic Kingdom for the day. We are infamously known for being late, so I am proud that for just one day we make it out the door on time, sometimes even ahead of time! Although we always hire a car on our trips, we tend to use Disney transportation to get us to the Magic Kingdom, weather it be a bus, water taxi or Monorail. Quinn’s excitement is usually through the roof, so anything that saves us some time we do. His outfit of choice on our first day is always, you guessed it, Peter Pan. Theres nothing he loves more than to twin with his hero.



After security and scanning our Magicband’s, then comes the best feeling ever. Entering Magic Kingdom and walking up Main Street gives me butterflies each time. Quinn is usually flying around in delight at being back to the place he calls home, where he can be himself and have the time of his little life. We love to visit the Citizens of Main Street, Chief Smokey being one of Quinn’s favourite Cast Members at Walt Disney World. We are always welcomed with open arms and sometimes even a sing song! Next on our plans is to head over to Fantasyland and use our first Fastpass on Peter Pans Flight, usually meeting the man himself after at the Never Land Map. We have been visiting the Map since Quinn was three years old and I don’t think he will ever tire of meeting Peter there.


We usually use another Fastpass before having lunch at our favourite restaurant in the parks, Plaza restaurant. The burgers and milkshakes are the best in Disney World if you ask me. The Cast Members are incredibly sweet and sometimes a special visitor from Main Street pops in past to say hello. Over the years, Quinn has been made Junior Mayor of Main Street USA for the day a couple of times. The chosen child receives a special rosette from the visiting Citizen of Main Street and the all important golden ticket, which gets you and your party to the front of the line on any attraction within the parks. Quinn rosettes hang proudly on his pirate ship bed along with his special Disney pins and signify such good memories.



After lunch, we usually have time for one remaining Fastpass before taking our place for Disneys Festival of Fantasy parade. This parade brings so much joy to Quinn and myself to see his beaming face as he waits for Peter, Wendy and Tinker Bell to sail down Main Street. He loves to see Hook and Smee too although he would never admit it!


After a busy first day in the parks, we are usually ready to head back to the resort for some much needed chill time ahead of another busy day. Cant wait to start our first day back at the parks in a couple of weeks! Do you have any first day Disney traditions? leave a message in the comments and let me know.

Alannah x




The journey begins

What better way to start off my new blog than an insight into my life, as well as what you can expect to read when visiting this site.

My name is Alannah, i am 31 years old and you may already know me as @pixieplanner_ on Instagram. I live in a small village just outside the city of Aberdeen, Scotland with my husband Kevin, our 7 year old son Quinn @littlepeterpan__ and our 9 year old Chihuahua Diesel (dd).



As you can tell, we are a Disney family that are always eagerly awaiting and counting down to our next Walt Disney World adventure. Disney World is like a second home to us, we visit 2-3 times per year so expect to see a lot of that focus on here. We are annual passholders and Disney Vacation club members and a lot of our time is spent staying at our favourite resorts, with our hope to stay at each one discovering the wonders they each have to offer.



I have a major love of hair bows, which I wear everyday and of course Mickey ears. I love to grow my collection, styling them together with cute Disney outfits and snapping photos. This all adds to the excitement and build up of our trips!

Other than Disney, I love spending as much time with Quinn as I can. Together we enjoy playing, exploring and adventuring our local area as a family. We love spending time at home, the outdoors, trips to the theatre and eating out at restaurants.

From my blog I hope to be able to share my love and knowledge of Disney, the theme parks and resorts. Parenting, travel, photography, fashion, food and family life will all be part of my weekly blogs.

I love answering the questions i receive on Instagram, so feel free to contact me with any ideas or suggestions you may have.


I am so excited for this new adventure and can’t wait to get started!

Alannah x