Back To School With ShopDisney

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In the blink of an eye, summer has almost passed and preparations for heading back to school are in full swing. This week marks Quinn’s first week back at school since March, so I thought amongst all the preparations, I’d share some fantastic products that shopDisney have to offer.

Toy Story 4 Backpack £18.95

The character design on this backpack is so cute! I love the fact that there are lots of pockets for storage.


Loungefly Mickey Mouse Rainbow Backpack £29.95

This has to be my favourite bag design on shopDisney at the minute. I love the rainbow colours and its 3D Mickey Ears makes the bag even more fun!


Frozen 2 Lunch Bag £12.95

How pretty is this lunch bag! I love the sparkles, and the shape is perfect for fitting in a water bottle and lunch.


The Little Mermaid Water Bottle £7.50

Not only is this bottle sturdy, but it also comes with a flip top straw and they can attach the built on handle to bags. There a few designs in the range, this one being my favourite. If you buy two, you save 10%, 3 you save 15% or 4 you save 20%.


You can save 20% on selected back to school items until 25/9/20. Here are some of my favourite stationery kits.

Disney Pixar Zip-Up Stationary, Kit £9.60


Belle Zip-Up Stationery Kit, Beauty and the Beast £9.60


Minnie Mouse Mystical Stationery Supply Kit £6.40


Alannah x

Minnie Mouse – The Main Attraction Collection So Far

AfterlightImage 26

AD–There are some affiliate links in this post. I receive a small commission if you purchase from my links. As always, all views and opinions are my own.

Can you believe we are more than half way through the year already and in turn, half way through shopDisney UK Minnie Mouse – The Main Attraction Collection? The year so far has been filled with heartbreak and uncertainty for most of us and this collection has gave Quinn and I so much joy and something to look forward to each month.

AfterlightImage 27

The Main Attraction collection is released on the 18th day of each month online at shopDisney (currently not in store due to covid-19) and features a different Disney Parks Attraction each month. Each series includes a Minnie Mouse plush, mug, ears, bag and pin set. As soon as the collection was announced, I knew I had to collect something each month! The collection is inspired by so many of my much loved attractions, including Peter Pan’s Flight which means everything to my Little Peter Pan and I. I decided that I would set my sights on collecting the Minnie plush each month, hoping to add all five pieces of the Peter Pan’s Flight month of June to my collection also.

January – Series 1, Space Mountain

Although the year has flown in, sometimes January feels like a lifetime ago! I can vividly remember my excitement of heading to our local Disney Store the morning of the Space Mountain release. I felt quite nervous as I guessed it would be a popular collection, so Quinn and I arrived early and there was already a rather big queue of people. We were each given a Holding Card by a lovely Cast Member, which ensured us a Minnie plush per guest once the store opened. I was over the moon with my Space Mountain Minnie and she is still one of my favourites so far, She is such a beauty, I just love her dress and matching bow.

AfterlightImage 28

February – Series 2, Pirates of the Caribbean

Series 2 was definitely the Minnie Quinn was looking forward to the most, after Peter Pan’s Flight of course! We arrived super early at our local store and ended up being first in line, which we were both pretty excited about! I had to talk myself out of picking up the mug, as they still had some left over from series 1. I love how soft and sparkly she is and also the beautiful print of her dress.

AfterlightImage 29

AfterlightImage 30

March – Series 3, Mad Tea Party

On March 16th this year, to ensure the health and safety of Disney Store guests and Cast Members, all UK stores temporarily closed. It was and still is a very scary time and shopDisney took the right decision to close when it did. Series 3 was released online and although I missed part of the fun of heading to our store, I am glad shopDisney continued with the release online. I work for the NHS and it gave me something to look forward to when times were very scary and challenging at work. The smile Quinn gave when he received our Minnie plush spoke louder than words and meant more to me than I could explain. I love how soft and elegant she looks and I love her big bow the most!

AfterlightImage 31

AfterlightImage 32

April – Series 4, It’s a Small World

Come April, my Main Attraction Collection really looked like it was getting somewhere! The It’s a Small World Minnie fit in perfectly with her gorgeous pastel colours and dress with the side bow. The colours and style of April’s Minnie is so unique and I love how each Minnie is completely different, but together they look amazing!

AfterlightImage 33

AfterlightImage 34

May – Series 5, Enchanted Tiki Room

The collection really started to prove popular from series 5 and I can understand why, as I was literally blown away with how wonderful May’s Minnie was when she arrived. The Enchanted Tiki Room Minnie stands out to me with the sheer amount of detail from her amazing straw shoes, to her dress, her unique bow and the material which makes her feel very prestige.

AfterlightImage 35

AfterlightImage 36

June – Series 6, Peter Pan’s Flight

June’s collection was by far the most nerve wracking experience and as I had imagined, it was immensely popular indeed. On release day, I was lucky enough to add the pin set and mug as well as the Minnie plush to my collection. I felt so disheartened at missing out on the Loungefly bag, but by some pure magic, the bag became available again for pre-order and I feel extremely lucky that kevin managed to order one for me! It is due to arrive in August and I can’t wait! The Peter Pan’s Flight Collection really is the collection of dreams. It’s so very magical and Minnie in her unusual shade of blue with the added pixie dust is just entrancing.

AfterlightImage 37

AfterlightImage 38

This month we move on to series 7, King Arthur Carousel and I am already excited for the 18th! Can’t wait to see how the remaining months will look!

AfterlightImage 39

AfterlightImage 40

AfterlightImage 41

AfterlightImage 44

AfterlightImage 45

You can watch us unboxing our June collection here! Have you added anything from Minnie Mouse – The Main Attraction to your collection?

Alannah x

Onward – A Magical, Mystical Adventure In 4DX

On Saturday Kevin, Quinn and I went for a special leap day advanced preview of Disney and Pixar’s Onward. For the first time, we watched the movie in 4DX and today I am going to share our experience.

AfterlightImage 12

Our local Cineworld was showing the movie in 4DX, so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to surprise Quinn with our first experience.  Cineworld describes 4DX as an extreme sensory cinema with stimulating effects like water, wind, scent and strobe lighting. My first impression of the theater was that of luxury. The seats were huge, very comfortable and roomy and as they were positioned quite high above the ground, each seat had a foot rest. On the arm rest I noticed a button that you could press to deactivate water from being sprayed your way, which I definitely pressed! I’m all for the experience, but do not like getting my hair wet!

AfterlightImage 11

AfterlightImage 13

As soon as the credits started to roll, the seats started to move in all directions, wind was being blasted from every direction and Quinn had leant on my button, which meant I also got wet! I will admit that in the first five minutes of Onward I seriously doubted our choice, as I found it hard to focus on the screen due to all the distractions. The movement did settle down a little but each time the movie picked up pace, it felt like I was experiencing a 4D ride rather than a movie! Each time I looked round at Kevin and Quinn, they were giggling and grinning from ear to ear. They definitely enjoyed the experience and are already planning a return trip in the upcoming weeks.

AfterlightImage 14

To summarise, although I really did enjoy my first 4DX experience, I much rather prefer to watch movies in 2D. The immersive experience cost £17.60 per adult and £11.40. The 4D glasses are £1 each, or you can bring your own from home which we did.

AfterlightImage 15

Wow did I love Onward even more than I had expected to! The movie tells the story of Ian Littlefoot and his brother Barley who set off on a magical, mystical adventure to spend one more day with their father who died when they were young. The storyline was easy to follow, heartwarming and very emotional! The relationship between Ian and Barley was inspiring and Onward was action packed from start to finish, just as Pixar does best. I don’t want to give too much away, but what I will say is bring your tissues!

Did you catch the Onward previews on Saturday, or are you planning a visit to the cinema next weekend?

Alannah x

Disney Skyliner – The Most Magical Flight On Earth

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On our most recent trip to the Walt Disney World Resort we got to experience the Disney Skyliner for the very first time and I loved it! As we were staying at Pop Century, it was super convenient and became our main method of transport throughout our stay. Today I am going to talk about the Disney Skyliner and share my thoughts from our experience.

AfterlightImage 3

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The Disney Skyliner is Walt Disney World’s newest method of transportation around the resort. The gondola system opened in September 2019 and runs within five stations connecting Disney’s Pop Century and Art of Animation Resorts, Caribbean Beach Resort, Riviera Resort, Hollywood Studios and Epcot. The Skyliner has three lines, the Epcot line, Hollywood Studios line and Art of Animation and Pop Century line. All three lines depart from the Caribbean Beach station. The Epcot line travels to the Riviera Resort before arriving at Epcot, the Hollywood Studios line travels directly to it’s destination and the third and final line, the Art of Animation and Pop Century line travels to the floating station between the two resorts.

AfterlightImage 5

Sounds confusing but the route is actually really simple. For example, if I wanted to take the Skyliner from Pop Century to Hollywood Studios, I would depart from the station between Pop and Art of Animation and would travel to Caribbean Beach. The Skyliner would disembark, I then would head to the Hollywood Studios line and that would take me directly to the park. Our room at Pop Century was in a prime location to get to the Skyliner Station and it took us just a few minutes to walk there. We love to park hop and found ourselves taking the Skyliner to or from the parks conveniently each day in a matter of minutes. We didn’t experience any delays during our trip and didn’t wait any longer than a few minutes to board our gondola, even at busy times.

AfterlightImage 6

Each gondola is brightly coloured and some feature much loved attractions, movies and Disney characters. My Little Peter Pan was overjoyed at getting to fly high above Walt Disney World in a Peter Pan themed gondola! When it’s quiet, you can have a gondola to yourself and I recommend asking for one with no design on it at least once, so you can take in the breathtaking views. There is no air conditioning, but it’s very breezy inside. The only thing I could say that I didn’t like about the gondola’s, is that the rain comes through the open vents pretty quickly when it’s raining. Not great for the hair ladies, but it’s no big deal though as you can just reach up and close the vents!

AfterlightImage 7

AfterlightImage 8

The Skyliner is a whole new experience and feels more like a ride rather than just a method of transportation! It’s definitely up there (pardon the pun!) with the Walt Disney World Monorail as my most favourite and fun way to get around the resort. I can’t wait to use the Skyliner again on our next trip and I’m holding out for a new line to Animal Kingdom or Magic Kingdom next!

AfterlightImage 9

Do you love the Disney Skyliner too? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Alannah x

Ad – Adult Fashion Month Continues At ShopDisney

AD – There are some affiliate links in this post. I receive a small commission if you choose to purchase from my links. I was not asked to write this post, as always all views and opinions are my own.

Last week we were spoilt for choice when ShopDisney announced Adult Fashion Month and revealed the first three collections, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Marvel. This weeks focus will be on three new collections which to me are simply beautiful!


Adventure really is out there with this dreamy Up collection featuring a beautiful boxed mug, a handbag, postcard and pin set and a cosy hooded sweatshirt. My favourite piece in the collection is the UP Boxed Mug. The artwork features Carl and Ellie and dons the words “Thanks for the adventure – now go have a new one! Love Ellie”. The collection ranges in price from £7.00 to £35.00.


Castle Collection

Celebrate Disney movie magic with my favourite of the three collections, the Walt Disney Pictures Collection! This retro collection features a hooded sweatshirt, a gorgeous backpack, a water bottle and a pad folio with holographic details. I love the Walt Disney Pictures Backpack, its the perfect size for everyday wear and so pretty! I also love the Walt Disney Pictures Hooded Sweatshirt which is such a gorgeous shade of pink. The collection ranges in price from £10.00 to £35.00.



This classic Hercules collection definitely stands out with its cool blue shades and quirky designs. The characterful collection features a Hercules cap, sweatshirt and travel mug. My favourite piece from the collection is the Hercules Cap For Adults. The denim cap has “Zero to Hero” embroidered wording and features classic character artwork under the flat bill. Quinn loves this cap and is looking to buy one for our upcoming Walt Disney World trip this summer! The collection ranges in price from £11.00 to £30.00.


Which is your favourite of the three collections this week?

Alannah x

Five Reasons Why I Love The Supercalifragilistic Breakfast At 1900 Park Fare

When choosing to dine at the Walt Disney World resort, there are so many character breakfast options to choose from. A firm favourite for many years in my little family is the Supercalifragilistic Breakfast at 1900 Park Fare and today I am going to tell you why!

AfterlightImage 3

AfterlightImage 4

1. Character Interaction

Having eaten at almost every character dining restaurant across the resort, the one that consistently stands out to us is 1900 Park Fare. The character interactions have always been a delight each time we have eaten there and set the mood for a magical day at Disney. Although character appearances are always subject to change, you can usually expect to see Mad Hatter and Alice, Tigger and Winnie the Pooh and Mary Poppins. Each character visits your table as you dine to chat, sign autographs and to take photographs. Quinn adores meeting characters and loves eating at 1900 Park Fare due to the fun and chaos they cause together! Over the years there has been so many memories made here from making insaniTea with Hatter and giggling so much you give yourself the hiccups, to running away from kisses with Alice. Maybe for us its the variety of characters combined,  but each breakfast experience has been filled with joy and laughter!

AfterlightImage 5

AfterlightImage 6

2. Character Photographs

As the characters move from table to table, I love that each meet is unique to them and the photos tell a story of the fun had that day! My Little Peter Pan loves to gift handmade stars to each character he meets, as for him it adds a little of his story to theirs. Sometimes it starts the conversation for him, or often he will gift a star to them as the meet comes to an end. Each day one of the characters meet with a Photopass photographer as you exit the restaurant. This allows a little more time for family pictures against a super cute backdrop. We have met Alice, Pooh and Tigger a few times here and each meet has been so memorable for both Quinn and I, with some lovely photos to take away with us.

AfterlightImage 7

AfterlightImage 8

3. Food

The Supercalifragilistic Breakfast is an all you care to enjoy buffet with so many yummy options including custom made omelettes, pastries, cereals and of course those all important Mickey Waffles. My favourite picks from the buffet would have to be the red velvet pancakes with cream, the croissants, bacon and those all important tater tots! The price of the breakfast is currently $26 for children aged 3 – 9 and $44 for adults, or 1 table service meal on the Disney Dining Plan. Gratuity is not included. Discount is available for Annual Passholders and DVC Members (10%) and Tables in Wonderland is also accepted at the restaurant (20%).

AfterlightImage 9

AfterlightImage 10

4. Atmosphere 

I am biased as the Grand Floridian is my favourite resort on property, but I love the timeless, elegant theming of the restaurant and its surroundings. It’s classic Walt Disney World for me! The dining area is decorated in Victorian era flair and filled with pretty carousel horses. The restaurant is naturally bright and airy with it’s large glass doors, creating the perfect light for photos. A large concert organ built in France named “Big Bertha” takes pride of place towards the ceiling of the large dining room. It’s been a very long time since I heard it play, but it sounds so cute and reminds me very much of the Carrousel over in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom.

AfterlightImage 11

AfterlightImage 12

5. Location

The restaurant is conveniently located on the ground floor and is accessible from the front or back of the resort. It’s location is great if you are staying at a Monorail resort or  coming over from Magic Kingdom on the Monorail. The restaurant is also close to the boat dock if you are visiting by water taxi. If you have a reservation and are driving over to the resort, you can park for the duration of your breakfast by confirming your reservation with Disney Security at the gate. If you have a little time before or after breakfast, I would highly recommend a stroll around the resort and its perfectly landscaped garden and beach.

AfterlightImage 13

AfterlightImage 14

Do you have a favourite character breakfast at the Walt Disney World resort?

Alannah x

Ad – February Is Adult Fashion Month At ShopDisney

AD – There are some affiliate links in this post. I receive a small commission if you choose to purchase from my links. I was not asked to write this post, as always all views and opinions are my own.

ShopDisney announced some exciting news this morning, February is going to be Adult Fashion Month at ShopDisney! For the next four weeks adult fashion will be celebrated at ShopDisney with collections featuring characters from Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars. The highlight for each collection will be a hoodie, with a whole range of accesories including bags, water bottles, hats and stationery. I am super excited for these collections and I know I am not alone in welcoming new merchandise for us Disney loving adults at ShopDisney.

This weeks focus will be on three collections

Mickey Mouse

The mouse that everyone knows and loves! Inspired by the original Mouseketeer who has featured in over 120 short films, this new Mickey Mouse collection brings a collection of clothing that combines statement style and laidback spirit. My favourite piece in the collection is the Mickey Mouse travel mug. The stainless steel mug with sketch style Mickey Mouse artwork is perfect for staying hydrated on the go. The collection ranges in price from £18.00 to £35.00.


Minnie Mouse

The true fashion icon herself will be celebrated in the Minnie Mouse collection with a sporty twist featuring vibrant pieces with contrasting trims. My favourite collection this week for sure! I love the Minnie Mouse Ladies Hooded Sweatshirt, it looks so cosy! I also love the Minnie Mouse Ladies Loungewear T-shirt and could definitely see myself wearing this to the Disney Parks. The collection ranges in price from £14.95 to £35.00.



ShopDisney has assembled the mightiest selection of clothing and accessories in the Marvel collection. My favourite piece in the collection has to be the Marvel Beanie For Adults. The knitted hat has a rubber Marvel logo and is perfect to complete your winter look. The collection ranges in price from £10.00 to £35.00.


I am so impressed with the collections available so far in adult fashion month and its only week one! I can’t wait to see what’s to come over the next few weeks. Which collection is your favourite so far and what can’t you wait to get your hands on?

Alannah x

Spending The Holidays At Home – What Quinn Got For Christmas

AfterlightImage 2Happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely Christmas, wherever you may have spent it. For the first time in three years our little family spent the holidays at home instead of at Walt Disney World. Although we missed it like crazy and spoke about what we may have been doing each day, it was lovely to spend some quality family time at home relaxing. I definitely ate far too much food and spent most of my time dressed in pyjamas, but it was exactly the break I needed to start refreshed for the New Year.

AfterlightImage 3

AfterlightImage 4

On Christmas morning I had to wake our sleepy Little Peter Pan around 8am, which is very unusual indeed. Unsure if he has had hit a growth spurt or if it’s just his sleep pattern now, but our usual super early riser is no more! Quinn was absolutley delighted to wake up to the Lego Disney Train and Station which he has longed for since its release date back in September 2019. If you follow our daily adventures on Instagram, you will know of Quinn’s love for Lego, particularly Disney Lego. Santa brought him the Lego Disney Castle back in 2016 and its his most treasured Lego set to date. Lego sets can be quite expensive, but the creativity and problem solving skills it brings to your child as well as the years of play, make the sets one hundred percent worth it for me. You can find the Lego Disney Train and Station retailing at £299.99.

AfterlightImage 5

Another toy that Quinn had his eye on for a very long time was the Buzz Lightyear Interactive Drop-Down Action Figure. This toy had a hefty price tag of £79.99, but was reduced to £55.99 in theShopDisney UK sale. Very expensive for an action figure I know, but this toy is literally the best toy I have ever seen! It has over 65 sayings and sound effects and the best part is that it responds to four different voice commands and when you say “someone’s coming!” Buzz drops to the floor! The fun Quinn has with his collection of Toy Story toys is amazing and his imagination is endless. Buzz fits right in with the gang and he is already very loved and played with. You can find the Buzz Lightyear at ShopDisney UK for £55.99.

AfterlightImage 6

Staying with the Toy Story 4 theme, Quinn loves figures and received a Toy Story 4 Mega Figurine Playset from his Granny. The set was originally £40, but a now £19.99 in the ShopDisney UK sale. The box was huge and filled with figures including Forky, Gabby Gabby and Bo Peep. Also in the sale from £24.99, now £17.49 is the Mattel Duke Caboom Stunt Racer. One of Quinn’s favourite characters from the movie is Duke Caboom, so this was a great addition to his collection.

AfterlightImage 8

Quinn’s love for Peter Pan overshadows everything of course and Santa brought him some Never Land soft toys. He was over the moon to unwrap Michael and John Darling and the Lost Boys Cubby and Slightly. These are quite rare finds and have been incredibly loved since they arrived on Christmas Day! 

AfterlightImage 7

We are in the process of building the Lego Disney Train and Station now. Well I say we but Quinn is the builder, we help by looking out the pieces since there are so many! It’s so close to being completed and you can follow along with Quinn’s progress on Little Peter Pan. The Train and tracks are now complete as is the ground floor of the station. The Train is powered by the Lego Powered Up and it’s just magical! Quinn has played with it everyday, filling the train with Disney Minifigures. I can’t wait to see the finished product, it looks amazing already!

Alannah x

A Whirlwind Magical Stay At Disney’s Pop Century Resort

AfterlightImage 3

The whirlwind dream has ended! Our most recent Walt Disney World trip is over and we are back into routine and the cold, but we have taken a lifetime of new memories home with us! I say whirlwind as this was almost the trip that never was, but I am so thankful we could make it work as boy was it was a special one! This was our first non DVC trip in a while and our first trip in such a long time that didn’t include a split stay. It was also the shortest period of time we have stayed at Walt Disney World for, but we crammed so much in we didn’t feel like we missed out on any time at all!

AfterlightImage 4

AfterlightImage 5

We spent the duration of our stay at Disney’s Pop Century Resort in a newly renovated room in the 60’s area. This was our little family’s second stay at Pop, the first being just after Hurricane Matthew in 2016 when funnily enough, we stayed in the same building, just a floor below! The location was very convenient indeed, being just a short walk from the main building, bus stop and the new Disney Skyliner station. We took great advantage of the Skyliner and used it everyday bar one during our stay. We also made good use of the resort bus times which are now available on My Disney Experience. We were able to shorten our wait time on the most part, by leaving the room when a bus was almost due. A great addition for sure!

AfterlightImage 6

AfterlightImage 7

The room looked great since its recent refurb and was bright, airy, roomy and clean. I loved the addition of the Mickey artwork and my Little Peter Pan loved the new pull down king sized bed. If you have read my recent posts you will know that Quinn has a thing for pull down beds, he loves them! I am so glad that Disney are implementing more of these into the resorts, as they are a real big space saver. There was plenty storage space available, a new small storage area next to the fridge and a huge TV, perfect to wake up to with resort TV playing in the background! The bathroom refurb brightened up the area significantly and definitely made it feel much more spacious with the new units and shelves. I also loved the addition of the glass shower doors apposed to the usual curtain.

The room refurb is definitely a wonderful addition to the resort and reiterates why Pop Century is our favourite value resort at Walt Disney World. Do you have a stay planned at Pop Century soon?

AfterlightImage 8

Our October Walt Disney World vlog series is under way over on our Youtube channel and can be found here. I would love it if you could join our little family on our adventures and please don’t forget to subscribe!


Alannah x

Festive Fun At The Friends Of ANCHOR Silent Disco Walking Tour

Last night Quinn and I were kindly invited to the VIP launch of the Friends of ANCHOR Silent Disco Adventure Tour at the Aberdeen Christmas Village. Friends of ANCHOR is a local cancer charity based in the North East of Scotland and are this years chosen charity for Aberdeen’s Christmas Village, which is organised by Aberdeen Inspired.

AfterlightImage 2

I had never been to a silent disco prior to last night so although I had an idea, I really did not know what to fully expect. Quinn and I were each given a set of headphones at the start of the tour by the lovely Lauren from Jeff and Lauren in the Morning over on Northsound 1. Lauren started our tour off, before handing us over to our tour guide from Silent Adventures, the team that brought you this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Silent Disco. Our tour guide led us around the village for half an hour of music, dancing and festive fun! Each time I took in my surroundings, everyone involved in the tour were dancing with the biggest smiles on their faces! The most magical thing happens once you have those headphones on, you dance like no one is watching! Both Quinn and I had so much fu, we did not stop laughing throughout! There were some Disney hits of course which made our night! I would definitely recommend the tour for an evening of family fun to get you in the festive mood, all while raising funds for a precious charity.

AfterlightImage 3

AfterlightImage 4.JPG

Tours take place in the Aberdeen Christmas Village and surrounding area and tickets can be pre booked by emailing A limited number of tickets can also be purchased on the day from the ticket booth at the Christmas Village. The attraction is suitable for ages five and over, but babies in arms are welcome at no charge. Unfortunately prams cannot be accommodated for on the tour.

AfterlightImage 5

Tickets are priced at £10 per adult, £7.50 per child (age 5 to 12) or £25 for a family of four (two adults and two children). By supporting this festive, fundraising campaign, you will be supporting the thousands of people affected by cancer or haematology diagnosis, who receive treatment in the North East of Scotland. All profits go directly to Friends of ANCHOR which is amazing!

Alannah x

Some items in this post are gifted. As always all views and experiences are my own.