A Magical Disney Christmas – Spending The Holidays At The Walt Disney World Resort

The Walt Disney World Resort is nothing short of magical during the Holiday season. Last year we visited during Christmas and New Year and loved every minute of our special trip, so much so we are heading back to do it all again this year! Its often stated that Disney World is crazy crowded during the Holidays. That may be the case at times, but with a little planning your trip can be just as, if not more magical than any other month of the year. With our trips countdown nearing the double digits, I thought I would share our experience of spending the Holidays at Disney.


Our trip didn’t start off as planned. Our flight to London was delayed, causing us to miss our connection to Miami, so we had to stop over in London for the night. Needless to say Quinn was heartbroken. He knew he was going to see his precious Peter Pan at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party that next evening, and our delay meant he wouldn’t get there till later in the evening.

Processed with VSCO with e5 preset

Processed with VSCO with e5 preset

I am delighted to report that our trip only got better from then on, and the stress of the last two days were forgotten in an instant as we drove under the Walt Disney World sign! We were spending Christmas at my favourite resort, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. We checked in and I could have cried with joy! Being one of our Home resorts, we have stayed at the Villas quite often, but nothing beats how magical the resort looks and feels during the Holidays.



Quinn and dashed to the Monorail, arrived at the Magic Kingdom at 8.20pm and merrily ran up Main Street to look for Peter Pan. My Little Peter Pan managed to surprise Peter Pan over in Adventureland, and it is one of my favourite memories to date! He ran into his arms for the sweetest of hugs and I cried with happiness. Every unfortunate event had led us to this moment and it was beyond precious. We had a magical night exploring with Peter Pan, met Rapunzel and Flynn, and Tiana and Naveen over at Princess Fairytale Hall with no wait, and Cinderella and Charming with a five minute wait. We also managed to grab some eggnog and festive treats including sugar cookies and snow cones. At the end of the evening, Quinn danced to Follow the Leader with Peter Pan and some Cast Members and experienced snow on Main Street for the first time. Our night couldn’t have been any more magical and we headed back to our room with the fullest of hearts.


The next morning, we were up early and headed to Trattoria al Forno’s Bon Voyage Breakfast over at Disney’s Boardwalk. We headed to Epcot from there, expecting the park to be busy being Christmas Eves Eve, but it was actually really quiet. We met up with some friends, rode some rides and met Mickey, Minnie and Pals over at Character Spot. We also met Belle in her Christmas dress over in France at the World Showcase, and she was just beautiful! Last stop was Disney’s Hollywood Studios to eat dinner at Minnies Holiday Dine. We aren’t the biggest fan of the food at Hollywood and Vine, but we loved meeting Mickey and Minnie, Daisy and Donald and Goofy in their Christmas outfits.


We had the most magical first two days and it hadn’t even reached Christmas Eve yet! The parks didn’t seem any busier than normal to us, but they did get busier on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. On my next post I will share the rest of our Christmas adventure. Are you spending Christmas at the Walt Disney World Resort? I would love to hear your plans!

Alannah x

Planning Outfits For Our Next Walt Disney World Adventure

With our next Walt Disney World trip fast approaching, we set some time aside this past weekend to organise Quinn’s outfits. He loves to choose his own outfits that he feels comfortable in, that will keep him cool and of course that help him twin with his favourite Disney characters.

No surprise that his first chosen outfit is of course Peter Pan. Beautifully handmade by his Fairy Godmother over at Heartfelt Costumes Cosplay and more. This one is his absolute favourite and he would wear it every day if he could! Nothing makes him happier than twinning with his hero at Disney. He has two the same and another two coming as he is growing out of his outfits so quickly! This is Quinn’s chosen outfit for our first day back at Magic Kingdom.



Rubies UK kindly sent Quinn their newly designed Peter Pan costume which will be available to buy this winter. Quinn loves the style of the hat, the colour and the design. From a Mums point of view, Rubies costumes are always itch free and so easily washed. I’m sure many adventures will be had in this outfit!


Some other Rubies UK outfits Quinn will be taking along with him on this trip is one of my favourites, Beast and the ever so cute Prince Charming. He is planning to wear Beast to visit him in the library at Be our Guest restaurant and Prince Charming to dine with Cinderella and Prince Charming at 1900 Park Fare restaurant.



Most of Quinn’s outfits for our upcoming trip has came from Heartfelt Costumes. She can amazingly create almost any outfit and we are so lucky to have her as a Fairy Godmother in our lives. She has created so many outfits for Quinn over the years and we can’t wait for many more to come.



Peter Pan’s shadow has always been one of Quinn’s favourite outfits and he just loves to meet Peter wearing it. His Dream Along with Mickey Peter Pan outfit was a custom design that Quinn made the drawings for before it was created. Dream Along was and always will mean so much to him, so this is a special outfit for sure. Another outfit Quinn longed for was Tootles, his favourite Lost Boy. Heartfelt Costumes was able to make this dream come true and he can’t wait to wear this one at the Never Land Map. Sticking with the Peter Pan theme, the next outfit that we packed was Mr Smee. Quinn had previously Disneybounded as Smee, so this is an updated version. He also has a new Captain Hook handmade outfit that looks amazing and we can wait to share that with everyone soon! Last but not least with the Peter Pan themed outfits is Terence from the move Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure which Quinn loves. He wore this back on our Christmas trip to visit Tink and she loved it!




Quinn really enjoys meeting the Princes and male characters at Disney, so we are so fortunate Heartfelt Costumes could make these incredible outfits for him. Prince Naveen is one of his favourites, so he had to have his fancy and jazzy outfits as he calls them! I absolutely love how he gets into character as soon as he wears his outfits. I don’t ask him to pull any faces or act differently, it just comes natural to him! Flynn Rider always comes with a smolder and Gaston the biceps.





Aladdin is another favourite outfit of his, as is Prince Eric. His Frontierland inspired outfit he always ensures to pack for his love of Hoedown, and Stitch suits his fun personality perfectly.





Quinn chose to pack Dash Incredible to dance the night away with Mr and Mrs Incredible, Frozone and Edna Mode at Tomorrowland as part of Walt Disney Worlds Incredible Summer. This outfit came from Asda believe it or not and has been very good value for money. A little pirate should always adventure around Magic Kingdom, so Captain Jack Sparrow has been chosen and packed for this trip too. We picked this up from Disney Store along with Quinn’s first ever wig!



For more outfits and Disneybounds, follow along on our adventures on Instagram @littlepeterpan__ and @pixieplanner_.

Alannah x


Little Peter Pan

This kid, my little Lost boy who never wants to grow up has my whole heart! To look at his pictures in his many Disney outfits, you would never believe that he didn’t start dressing up until he was 3 years old.

On Quinn’s first trip to Walt Disney World, he was 21 months old and we thought it would be cute to pick out a little outfit for his very first Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party. At that time his love was for all things Toy Story and with Woody being his favourite character, a Woody outfit seemed perfect!

7ED8E327-9386-4C6A-AB37-0E532FD88232He fell asleep in the car on the way to Magic Kingdom, so we popped on his hat and he continued to sleep in his buggy on the journey across Seven Seas lagoon on the Ferryboat. When he woke up inside Magic Kingdom he wasn’t happy with what he was wearing at all, continuously throwing his Woody hat on the ground! That all changed for a little period when we met Mickey and Minnie at Town Square Theater. Mickey took Quinn’s Woody hat and placed it on his head! Quinn was not amused and wore his hat most of the evening once Mickey gave it back!



Incredibly Quinn took to meeting characters right away, a meet with Pluto being his very first. We picked up an autograph book on our way into Magic Kingdom on his first day and as soon as he saw Pluto at the flagpole, he started calling his name! Of course we headed over to meet him and I will never forget the look of absolute joy and excitement on his little face as he ran over and gave Pluto a hug! He handed his autograph book and pen over to Pluto like he knew exactly what he was doing and then he didn’t want to leave. Funnily enough, he still doesn’t want to leave when he meets any character now!


If you are in any doubt of taking your baby or small child to Disney, I would thoroughly recommend it. Walt Disney World has so much to offer for families of every age and there is nothing like seeing the magic of Disney through your kids eyes. Even though they may not remember it, you will have memories that last a lifetime to share with them.

Fast forward a year later to our almost daily visits to watch Dream Along with Mickey. Quinn saw Peter Pan on the Castle stage and that’s when his crazy Little Peter Pan life began! On our next trip he discovered a Peter Pan hat, had it personalised and never took it off the whole time. When we left Disney, he asked for his very first Peter Pan outfit and the rest they say is history!



He gained his name through Cast members calling him Little Peter on his never ending visits to the Never Land Map and at his spot at the clock on Main Street, watching Festival of Fantasy parade in his Peter outfits.

Now everything in his life is Peter Pan and the colour green. He has more Disney outfits than clothes, most of them Peter Pan of course! He likes to dress up as soon as he gets home from School and every weekend. Most of his outfits are handmade or come from the amazing stores that are Rubies UK and Disney store uk.


His whole life is a Never Land adventure and I am so grateful for each and every minute he gets to spend with his hero, his best friend, his everything. I truly hope he never grows up in his heart.

Never grow up and always believe in the magic Quinn!

Alannah x