The Magic of Peter Pan at JM Barrie’s Birthplace


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At the weekend the sun was shining so we decided to take another trip to our Little Peter Pan’s favourite place out-with Disney, Kirriemuir in Scotland. You may remember Kirriemuir from a previous blog post I wrote about a very special place to us, the Never Land play park which is located there. We had been waiting to visit the birthplace of JM Barrie for a while now and it felt like a perfect time to visit the magical little white cottage. Quinn is fascinated with JM Barrie, so it was such an adventure for him to visit his childhood home and to experience through his eyes what his life would have been like.

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Upon entering the cottage, there was a little gift shop that sold some Peter Pan books and small souvenirs. The admission fee is also paid here and Quinn received a Peter Pan quiz and a little trail to complete on his way around. He had to search for characters from the Peter Pan story in every room and it was really fun for him to complete.

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The exhibition began by telling the story of a young JM Barrie and his family life. It then went on to display some of Barrie’s literacy and theatrical works, including his desk from his London flat where he of course wrote Peter Pan. This was Quinn’s favourite part of the museum and he was overjoyed to sign his name in the guestbook that sat upon the desk. As a boy, JM Barrie would run and play on the stairs of his home and it pulled on my heartstrings to see my little boy who never wants to grow up at the place where it really all began.

The upstairs rooms of the cottage were more museum like and set to display how it would have looked to live here with his seven brothers and sisters. There were some precious memorabelia that resembled both joy and tragedy that his family had to face whist living here. The play room featured a colouring station and some dressing up clothes so you to can reenact the story of Peter Pan. Quinn was already dressed for the part, but he enjoyed trying out the pirates hats and hooks and tried his hardest to get me to wear one of the Wendy dresses!



Outside the cottage, the washhouse stands which JM Barrie used as his first theatre to perform plays in at the same age Quinn is now. There was also a lovely garden which is open to everyone and includes a statue of Peter Pan and some fun little treasure chests and barrels to explore.

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We took a walk around the corner and found the memorial fountain in the Barrie garden. It read “In memory of James M Barrie, novelist and playwright, 1860-1937”. Quinn loved the artwork including Captain Hook and a pirate ship, Tick Tock, Tinker Bell and Peter Pan himself. Kirriemuir is such an idyllic little town and I’m so happy we can visit and take in the magical history so often.

Alannah x


Long Distance Disney Travel With Your Littles

Traveling long haul to and from Walt Disney World can be very tiring, with lots of walking and waiting around involved. When taking your little ones on such a long journey, you need to plan ahead and prepare as much as you can. Sadly for us we live 4205 miles from Walt Disney World, but luckily our Little Peter Pan has always been such a good traveller. He has never known anything else, his first flight being a nine and a half hour journey across the Atlantic at twenty one months old. Now he is a little older we tend to go the indirect route a lot more, allowing us to spend more at the all important destination.


We try to make our journey as fun as we can, with new Disney inspired outfits to add to the excitement. For our last trip, Quinn chose Cami & Chlo’s perfect Yo Ho Yo Ho a Disney Life For Me shirt to start our adventure, his favourite Walt Disney World varsity jacket and of course his Peter Pan hat. We don’t travel anywhere without his Disney Parks Stitch pillow pet. It is perfect for napping during the flight and Quinn also uses it as his pillow in the hotel for that added home comfort. His Peter Pan plush has also travelled with us since he has been two years old, but this trip Quinn decided to take the newly updated version from Disney Store UK. It was only right to let him share in as much fun and adventure as his older plush!

As many other 7 year olds, Quinn loves to draw so we always ensure to pack plenty paper and colouring pens and also some headphones for watching an inflight movie. These and playing games on his iPad keeps him entertained during the whole flight. Quinn’s headphones are from Leapfrog, they don’t hurt his ears at all, have built in sound control and are a winner as they are in his favourite colour green. We usually always bring a small travel game such as snakes and ladders or a pack of playing cards. Last but not least, we always ensure to bring plenty of snacks with us. If you are a parent to a fussy eater you will understand the importance of this!

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Exploring the airport shops and taking a look at the souvenirs is another fun way to pass the time whilst waiting. Depending on the time of year, there may be some characters walking around or even some entertainment. Most airports we visit have a kids play area, Quinn’s favourite being the Plane Fun area at Miami International Airport. Here you can learn how it feels to be a pilot, take a flight on a hot air balloon and take control of the flight tower. Very fun and educational too.




We always hire a car to get us to and around Walt Disney World and when theres a road trip involved like last trip, an all important playlist needs to be made. The songs on our trips playlist ranged from Disney classics such as Peter Pan to The Greatest Showman. A sing along definitely makes the car journey feel much quicker! The song of our trip was Thunder by Imagine Dragons, which Quinn became obsessed with after watching our friend Dustin’s latest Dubsmash video before we left!


With our plans already well under way for our next Disney adventure, i cant wait to start packing and do it all again! Do you have any tips on travelling with kids to share? Leave a message in the comments as i would love to hear any you may have.

Alannah x

Beating Those Post Disney Blues

We have been back home from Walt Disney World for over a week now and the magic has totally ended, sigh! Oh what a special and magical trip it was. We were totally immersed in the bubble (only leaving Disney property once so Quinn could go to Wendys!) and felt like we were away for such a long time. Of course all good things have to come to an end and spending so much time with your loved ones on the other side of the world comes with a hefty price tag, so back to work and school we go.


Of course the first way to beat those blues is to book another trip, hooray! That had already been done before we left for this trip, but before we flew back from Disney we created a waitlist to move our New Year stay at our Home resort Animal Kingdom Lodge to Bay Lake Tower. It had only been a few days and to our delight it came through! So looking forward to our stay and Christmas at Animal Kingdom Lodge first.

I’m sure many of you can relate to that empty feeling in your stomach as you drive under the Walt Disney World sign, which signifies the end of your trip. Weather it be a day, a weekend, or even weeks, you feel a broken person. So many feelings, memories and pure exhaustion from all the excitement and lack of sleep you may have lost. For our little family this is the moment Quinn loses it, just like he always does. His love for Peter Pan tugs on his little heart strings and he becomes an inconsolable wreck. Many people have asked the question, Why is he so upset? Or made the comment, you should be grateful for the time you get to spend at Disney. That indeed we truly are, but trying to explain to a 7 year old who has just spent the last two weeks running around his own little Never Land with Peter Pan is hard.


To try and lift his spirits at the airport, i always make a little video for Little Peter Pan to look back at. It always puts a smile on his and our faces to look back at his wonderful adventures with his best friend.

Sorting through photographs and videos is another way to take your mind off those dreaded Disney blues. If you are anything like me, your photo count will be into the thousands and coming from many places, your phone, your husbands phone, the camera and Disney Photopass. Im so thankful when they capture that all important memory and Quinn really likes the Magic shots too. He has his own library of him with Tink! One thing he is always excited to get back to is his toys. After this trip, he created his own Disney World and played for hours on end taking all his little characters to Magic Kingdom on the Monorail.



Quinns favourite thing to do once we get back of course is to officially start his chalk countdown. He updates it every Monday morning, so we can start our week on a happy note. Heres hoping our countdown fly in like the last one!

Alannah x

Planning Outfits For Our Next Walt Disney World Adventure

With our next Walt Disney World trip fast approaching, we set some time aside this past weekend to organise Quinn’s outfits. He loves to choose his own outfits that he feels comfortable in, that will keep him cool and of course that help him twin with his favourite Disney characters.

No surprise that his first chosen outfit is of course Peter Pan. Beautifully handmade by his Fairy Godmother over at Heartfelt Costumes Cosplay and more. This one is his absolute favourite and he would wear it every day if he could! Nothing makes him happier than twinning with his hero at Disney. He has two the same and another two coming as he is growing out of his outfits so quickly! This is Quinn’s chosen outfit for our first day back at Magic Kingdom.



Rubies UK kindly sent Quinn their newly designed Peter Pan costume which will be available to buy this winter. Quinn loves the style of the hat, the colour and the design. From a Mums point of view, Rubies costumes are always itch free and so easily washed. I’m sure many adventures will be had in this outfit!


Some other Rubies UK outfits Quinn will be taking along with him on this trip is one of my favourites, Beast and the ever so cute Prince Charming. He is planning to wear Beast to visit him in the library at Be our Guest restaurant and Prince Charming to dine with Cinderella and Prince Charming at 1900 Park Fare restaurant.



Most of Quinn’s outfits for our upcoming trip has came from Heartfelt Costumes. She can amazingly create almost any outfit and we are so lucky to have her as a Fairy Godmother in our lives. She has created so many outfits for Quinn over the years and we can’t wait for many more to come.



Peter Pan’s shadow has always been one of Quinn’s favourite outfits and he just loves to meet Peter wearing it. His Dream Along with Mickey Peter Pan outfit was a custom design that Quinn made the drawings for before it was created. Dream Along was and always will mean so much to him, so this is a special outfit for sure. Another outfit Quinn longed for was Tootles, his favourite Lost Boy. Heartfelt Costumes was able to make this dream come true and he can’t wait to wear this one at the Never Land Map. Sticking with the Peter Pan theme, the next outfit that we packed was Mr Smee. Quinn had previously Disneybounded as Smee, so this is an updated version. He also has a new Captain Hook handmade outfit that looks amazing and we can wait to share that with everyone soon! Last but not least with the Peter Pan themed outfits is Terence from the move Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure which Quinn loves. He wore this back on our Christmas trip to visit Tink and she loved it!




Quinn really enjoys meeting the Princes and male characters at Disney, so we are so fortunate Heartfelt Costumes could make these incredible outfits for him. Prince Naveen is one of his favourites, so he had to have his fancy and jazzy outfits as he calls them! I absolutely love how he gets into character as soon as he wears his outfits. I don’t ask him to pull any faces or act differently, it just comes natural to him! Flynn Rider always comes with a smolder and Gaston the biceps.





Aladdin is another favourite outfit of his, as is Prince Eric. His Frontierland inspired outfit he always ensures to pack for his love of Hoedown, and Stitch suits his fun personality perfectly.





Quinn chose to pack Dash Incredible to dance the night away with Mr and Mrs Incredible, Frozone and Edna Mode at Tomorrowland as part of Walt Disney Worlds Incredible Summer. This outfit came from Asda believe it or not and has been very good value for money. A little pirate should always adventure around Magic Kingdom, so Captain Jack Sparrow has been chosen and packed for this trip too. We picked this up from Disney Store along with Quinn’s first ever wig!



For more outfits and Disneybounds, follow along on our adventures on Instagram @littlepeterpan__ and @pixieplanner_.

Alannah x


First Day Traditions at the Most Magical Place on Earth

For as long as I can remember, the first day of our trips to Walt Disney World have followed the same tradition. Of course things don’t always go to plan and we have had our fair share of delayed flights, resulting in us spending what would have been the first day of our vacation in an airport hotel room or travelling across the Atlantic. Generally speaking though, we like to make and stick to the same plan which includes Magic Kingdom, Peter Pan of course and plenty of yummy food!

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Quinn always wakes up at 5.30am EST on our first morning. Its like his body clock is adjusted already and he is ready to start his day! Not so handy for his tired Mum and Dad, but it does give us plenty time to get ready and soak in the magic at the resort we are staying in before we head off to Magic Kingdom for the day. We are infamously known for being late, so I am proud that for just one day we make it out the door on time, sometimes even ahead of time! Although we always hire a car on our trips, we tend to use Disney transportation to get us to the Magic Kingdom, weather it be a bus, water taxi or Monorail. Quinn’s excitement is usually through the roof, so anything that saves us some time we do. His outfit of choice on our first day is always, you guessed it, Peter Pan. Theres nothing he loves more than to twin with his hero.



After security and scanning our Magicband’s, then comes the best feeling ever. Entering Magic Kingdom and walking up Main Street gives me butterflies each time. Quinn is usually flying around in delight at being back to the place he calls home, where he can be himself and have the time of his little life. We love to visit the Citizens of Main Street, Chief Smokey being one of Quinn’s favourite Cast Members at Walt Disney World. We are always welcomed with open arms and sometimes even a sing song! Next on our plans is to head over to Fantasyland and use our first Fastpass on Peter Pans Flight, usually meeting the man himself after at the Never Land Map. We have been visiting the Map since Quinn was three years old and I don’t think he will ever tire of meeting Peter there.


We usually use another Fastpass before having lunch at our favourite restaurant in the parks, Plaza restaurant. The burgers and milkshakes are the best in Disney World if you ask me. The Cast Members are incredibly sweet and sometimes a special visitor from Main Street pops in past to say hello. Over the years, Quinn has been made Junior Mayor of Main Street USA for the day a couple of times. The chosen child receives a special rosette from the visiting Citizen of Main Street and the all important golden ticket, which gets you and your party to the front of the line on any attraction within the parks. Quinn rosettes hang proudly on his pirate ship bed along with his special Disney pins and signify such good memories.



After lunch, we usually have time for one remaining Fastpass before taking our place for Disneys Festival of Fantasy parade. This parade brings so much joy to Quinn and myself to see his beaming face as he waits for Peter, Wendy and Tinker Bell to sail down Main Street. He loves to see Hook and Smee too although he would never admit it!


After a busy first day in the parks, we are usually ready to head back to the resort for some much needed chill time ahead of another busy day. Cant wait to start our first day back at the parks in a couple of weeks! Do you have any first day Disney traditions? leave a message in the comments and let me know.

Alannah x




The Magic and Adventure of Disney Vacation Club

I am often asked about Disney Vacation Club. How does it work? Is it worth it?

In 2012 we took a 21 month old Quinn to Walt Disney World for the very first time and just like his Mum all those years ago, it was love at first sight! Kevin and I had previously always stayed at a family or friends villa nearby, but this trip we decided to book a split stay. The first week we spent at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter, the second at my family’s villa in Kissimmee. We loved everything about our stay at a Disney Resort and decided that was the future for our Walt Disney World trips. We signed up for a DVC tour and took all the figures and information back home with us to research further.



The following year we stayed at our very first Deluxe resort, Saratoga Springs Resort. We had well and truly been bitten by the DVC bug, but still didn’t commit just yet. 8 months later In May 2014, we returned to Saratoga Springs and officially joined the Disney Vacation Club. It felt like an absolute dream come true to finally be Welcomed Home and for our little family to have a whole 46 years of Disney Magic and memories to look forward to!

We purchased Animal Kingdom points and returned for our first Welcome Home in December 2014, staying at Disney’s Boardwalk Villas and Disney’s Villas at Grand Floridian Resort. To stay at Grand Floridian had been a dream of mine since I was a little girl, so to finally stay there with my little boy meant everything to me. During our stay we fell in love with VGF so much, we decided to add on more points at the Grand Floridian. Still to this day it amazes me that our little family can call my favourite place in the world Home.


Our second DVC trip followed in May 2015, where we finally stayed at our original Home resort Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas. Another split stay for us, the second resort being the new Disney’s Polynesian Villas and Bungalows. We fell in love with the Polynesian Resort and headed back again in October 2015 for a split stay here and at Grand Floridian. Unsurprisingly we added on more points again at Polynesian, taking our total Home resorts to three.



We have since stayed at Bay Lake Tower twice, Animal Kingdom three times, Grand Floridian once and Polynesian twice and this year we are returning to Boardwalk Resort, Grand Floridian and Animal Kingdom Villas. We would never have been able to stay at any of these resorts once if it hadn’t been for Disney Vacation Club. It truly has been the best thing we could ever have done for our little family. We haven’t added on any further points since, but growing our vacation points is something we will definitely be investing in for the future.


My advice for anyone considering joining the Disney Vacation Club is research beforehand. DVC is a points based vacation ownership and does not suit everyone. Aside from the initial financial outlay, you have yearly annual dues to pay for the duration of the contract. Take into consideration which Resort or Resorts you would like to make your Home as at certain times of year, you will require your Home resort reservation window to secure your desired reservation.

Perks of being a DVC Member include discounts on Annual Passes, dining and merchandise (currently 20%) and special events. We have been luckily enough to attend the Members welcome brunch at Top of the World Lounge and several other membership magic events including the Mothers Day brunch, Independence Day dessert party, Christmas Eve Holiday dinner, Merry Mixer and the Moonlight magic event at Typhoon Lagoon. The members lounge at Epcot is a great place to stop for a light refreshment and a break from the Florida heat. Top of the World lounge is a perfect place to unwind after a busy day at the parks and the perfect viewing place for the Magic Kingdom fireworks.


Heres to many more years of magic, adventure and memories.

Alannah x

The Magic of Never Land

The closest place to Never Land for us is my Little Peter Pan’s happy place outwith Disney, the Never Land play park in Kirriemuir, Scotland. The play park is a Peter Pan fans dream, with a fantastic huge wooden Pirate ship where you never have to grow up. On board you can run and explore the deck, climb the crows nest, hide in the cabin and blast the cannons, you can even take the wheel and sail to Never Land. Of course Captain Hook and Peter Pan are onboard to join the adventure, but look out for Tick Tock in the sea below! There is a large slide and swing also attached to the ship.



On our visit to the park last week, Quinn dressed as Peter of course and we spent three and a half hours of fun here. The park is an 80 to 90 minute drive from where we live, so we make the most of our time here when the weather is nice. Luckily on our visit it was a beautiful spring afternoon and we actually saw some sun!



Theres no better feeling as a parent than to see your child glowing with happiness and thats what happens each time we visit this magical park. Over at Hangmans tree, Peter Pans hideout, there is a slide and inside a little table with cute little stools. On our visit, Quinn found a friend and together they were role playing as Wendy and Peter which was really cute to see! There is also a zip line, a mini roundabout, a rope swing and a large swing and some baby swings for the smaller Never Land park visitors.



The Never Land play park is situated on Kirriemuir hill and was built in 2010 to mark the 150th anniversary of J.M Barrie’s birth in 1860. James Matthew Barrie was a novelist and playwright, but best remembered as the creator of Peter Pan. His birth and resting place is Kirriemuir where he lived as boy and later gifted the town the Camera Obscura along with the cricket pavilion, which is situated next to the Never Land park.




The Camera Obscura provides the prettiest views of the surrounding countryside and is such a fantastic, fun experience if you haven’t visited one before. Its one of only four in Scotland and is completely self funded by the Kirriemuir Heritage Trust and ran by volunteers. There is no admission charge, but they do welcome donations towards the upkeep of the building. The staff are so welcoming and love to tell of the history and background of the pavilion. There is a little shop that is currently in expansion to become a cafe. Quinn loves all the little details that have been added such as the J.M Barrie quotes on the benches, the cute little signs and the kites that are free to take out to the grass and learn to fly.




Hoping for another visit to Kirriemuir soon, where we plan to visit J.M Barrie’s birthplace, the house that he was brought up in and performed his first play at the age of 7. Quinn loves to be immersed in the Peter Pan heritage there and I’m so happy to help him learn about his hero.

Alannah x

All the Bows all the Ears

For as long as i can remember, I have always worn hairbows in my hair. It all started as a way of keeping my hair out my face, so why not do that with something cute? My Mum used to collect hairbows for me and each one I treasured. My collection has grown over the years and now not only do I collect them, i also make ones for myself too. I am so proud of my bow collection and love choosing one out to wear each morning. If I could have a bow for each day of the year it still wouldn’t be enough!


When I visit Walt Disney World I love to wear Mickey ears and I am so happy that the Disney Parks collection is growing. They have so many pretty designs and I can’t wait to hopefully get my hands on the millennial pink ears next month, they will fit perfectly with so many of my Disney inspired outfits.

Last year the amazingly talented Nikki came into my life and changed things forever! I became brand rep for her gorgeous ears @nickeyearsco. She creates the most beautiful Disney inspired floral ears and they are honestly the most comfortable ears I have ever worn in my life. Each and every pair is unique and made with magic. Nikki also takes custom orders on her Etsy page NickeyEarsCo.

Here are some of the custom made ears Nikki has made for my recent trips.


Tinker Bell is my favourite character of course and these Tink ears are the perfect colour and even light up, so magical. This pair has received so many compliments when wearing them at Walt Disney World, even from Peter Pan and Tink herself!


I love the crown on these Ariel inspired ears, just beautiful. The little details she adds are so pretty and they worked in perfectly with my Ariel inspired outfits. The large crown doesn’t cause the ears to be heavy at all, they are still super lightweight.


My all time favourite ears that Nikki has made for me has to be these Never Land inspired ears. I have never seen ears like them and they are literally perfect for me! The detail in these ears are incredible and I love every little part from Mermaid Lagoon to Skull Rock. So much aspects of Peter Pan incorporated into one pair of ears, I love everything about them.


These Toy Story inspired ears are so fun and pretty. I love the arrangement of the flowers  on the ears and the little Woody hat. These will be the perfect pair for the upcoming arrival of Toy Story Land over at Hollywood Studios.


For our Christmas trip, Nikki made these Gingerbread festive ears complete with little coloured lights. They were such a cute addition and I just loved wearing them during the Magic of Christmas at Walt Disney World.

@nickeyearsco also make Junior ears for the littlest Disney fans in your life. My Little Peter Pan was lucky enough to receive his own custom pair. Peter Pan inspired of course and he was beyond excited! He had always said that he wished he had a pair like mine and he wasn’t disappointed. The kids ears are again super lightweight, comfortable and I would thoroughly recommend them for your little ones.

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You can see more of Nickey Ears Co designs here on Facebook, Instagram and on Etsy.


The lovely Ashley over at @earsfordaysoc sent me these truly beautiful Steamboat Willie Ears for our upcoming trip to Disney World next month. These ears are very well made and I absolutely love the puffball bow, such a cute design. So pretty and sparkly, right up my street with the oversized bow! They are surprisingly super lightweight and I can’t wear to wear them to the parks.

You can see more of Ears for Days OC here on Instagram and Etsy.


Another pair of ears i recently received for our trip next month, came from the lovely Kayle over at @espositoears. I fell in love with these ears as soon as I received them with their unique Cinderella design. The colour is so accurate and pretty, with a beautiful white bow and a little Cinderella on top to finish. They go perfectly with the Cinderella inspired outfit I have planned for Disney World.

You can see more of Esposito Ears designs here on Instagram and Etsy.


The inspirational Hollie over at @bowsofmagic knew how much I loved hair bows and sent me the most beautiful Tinker Bell bows I have ever seen! So sparkly, unique and filled with Pixie Dust! Perfectly made and so comfortable to wear. Hollie makes and sells beautiful Disney inspired bows to raise money for her “Bows for Brainbow” campaign. Brainbow is a charity based at Addenbrookes hospital who help rehabilitate children with brain tumours.

You can see more of Bows of Magic designs here on Instagram and Etsy.

I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to wear these beautiful handmade ears and bows at the parks. Next month can’t come soon enough! Follow my adventures and Disney inspired outfits over at  @pixieplanner_.

Alannah x

Little Peter Pan

This kid, my little Lost boy who never wants to grow up has my whole heart! To look at his pictures in his many Disney outfits, you would never believe that he didn’t start dressing up until he was 3 years old.

On Quinn’s first trip to Walt Disney World, he was 21 months old and we thought it would be cute to pick out a little outfit for his very first Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party. At that time his love was for all things Toy Story and with Woody being his favourite character, a Woody outfit seemed perfect!

7ED8E327-9386-4C6A-AB37-0E532FD88232He fell asleep in the car on the way to Magic Kingdom, so we popped on his hat and he continued to sleep in his buggy on the journey across Seven Seas lagoon on the Ferryboat. When he woke up inside Magic Kingdom he wasn’t happy with what he was wearing at all, continuously throwing his Woody hat on the ground! That all changed for a little period when we met Mickey and Minnie at Town Square Theater. Mickey took Quinn’s Woody hat and placed it on his head! Quinn was not amused and wore his hat most of the evening once Mickey gave it back!



Incredibly Quinn took to meeting characters right away, a meet with Pluto being his very first. We picked up an autograph book on our way into Magic Kingdom on his first day and as soon as he saw Pluto at the flagpole, he started calling his name! Of course we headed over to meet him and I will never forget the look of absolute joy and excitement on his little face as he ran over and gave Pluto a hug! He handed his autograph book and pen over to Pluto like he knew exactly what he was doing and then he didn’t want to leave. Funnily enough, he still doesn’t want to leave when he meets any character now!


If you are in any doubt of taking your baby or small child to Disney, I would thoroughly recommend it. Walt Disney World has so much to offer for families of every age and there is nothing like seeing the magic of Disney through your kids eyes. Even though they may not remember it, you will have memories that last a lifetime to share with them.

Fast forward a year later to our almost daily visits to watch Dream Along with Mickey. Quinn saw Peter Pan on the Castle stage and that’s when his crazy Little Peter Pan life began! On our next trip he discovered a Peter Pan hat, had it personalised and never took it off the whole time. When we left Disney, he asked for his very first Peter Pan outfit and the rest they say is history!



He gained his name through Cast members calling him Little Peter on his never ending visits to the Never Land Map and at his spot at the clock on Main Street, watching Festival of Fantasy parade in his Peter outfits.

Now everything in his life is Peter Pan and the colour green. He has more Disney outfits than clothes, most of them Peter Pan of course! He likes to dress up as soon as he gets home from School and every weekend. Most of his outfits are handmade or come from the amazing stores that are Rubies UK and Disney store uk.


His whole life is a Never Land adventure and I am so grateful for each and every minute he gets to spend with his hero, his best friend, his everything. I truly hope he never grows up in his heart.

Never grow up and always believe in the magic Quinn!

Alannah x

Easter magic with a sprinkling of chocolate!

Easter is upon us once more, a time where you can eat as much chocolate as you like and it’s totally acceptable to do so! What does Easter mean to you and your family? We have a few traditions that have grown with us since Quinn has been a baby.

As if there isn’t already enough chocolate going around at this time, we like to start off the Easter weekend by baking our own Easter cake. I am certainly no baker, but once a year I make an effort and (by effort I mean with a help from Betty Crocker!) to make a yummy chocolate mini egg cake! Looks delicious, tastes delicious and with simple instructions, an absolute perfect hands on activity for your littlest helper.

Each year a highlight for Quinn is to decorate his own hard boiled eggs. The theme for the third year running being Peter Pan of course and his trademark little Peter Pan hat. He chose to draw the hat on with pen, adding a little red feather to finish. He always has great fun rolling them on Easter Sunday!

Quinn is the biggest believer of magic I know and eagerly anticipates the arrival of the Easter bunny! Mr bunny himself leaves a chocolate egg of course (this year a Lindt bunny one), usually a book or small toy and a new outfit as he knows how much Little Peter Pan loves to dress up! This year he brought a Peter Pan costume new to the Disney store uk. It’s a beautiful costume and to say Quinn was a little excited to see it was an understatement! He couldn’t wait to put it on for our Easter hunt.

Next on our list of Easter traditions is of course hunting for eggs. On Easter Sunday we get together with our friends and attend a local Cadbury’s Easter egg hunt at a National trust for Scotland location. We choose a different location each year, this time Crathes Castle near Banchory in Aberdeenshire. Crathes is absolutely beautiful and the egg hunt did not disappoint. All round family fun hunting for clues, with a chocolate reward at the finish.

A place we often also like to visit is Easter Anguston farm. The farm is ran by the VSA, the North East of Scotland’s social care charity. The farm is an amazing place where you can take a nature trail and visit the animals, pick your own fruit and is home to the new Enchanted Fairy wood. We were and still are absolutely blown away by the cuteness of this magical little place. I’m sure we will be paying another visit to the Fairy wood soon!

Maybe next year we will get to visit Walt Disney World for Easter and wouldn’t that be an adventure!

Alannah x