Easter magic with a sprinkling of chocolate!

Easter is upon us once more, a time where you can eat as much chocolate as you like and it’s totally acceptable to do so! What does Easter mean to you and your family? We have a few traditions that have grown with us since Quinn has been a baby.

As if there isn’t already enough chocolate going around at this time, we like to start off the Easter weekend by baking our own Easter cake. I am certainly no baker, but once a year I make an effort and (by effort I mean with a help from Betty Crocker!) to make a yummy chocolate mini egg cake! Looks delicious, tastes delicious and with simple instructions, an absolute perfect hands on activity for your littlest helper.

Each year a highlight for Quinn is to decorate his own hard boiled eggs. The theme for the third year running being Peter Pan of course and his trademark little Peter Pan hat. He chose to draw the hat on with pen, adding a little red feather to finish. He always has great fun rolling them on Easter Sunday!

Quinn is the biggest believer of magic I know and eagerly anticipates the arrival of the Easter bunny! Mr bunny himself leaves a chocolate egg of course (this year a Lindt bunny one), usually a book or small toy and a new outfit as he knows how much Little Peter Pan loves to dress up! This year he brought a Peter Pan costume new to the Disney store uk. It’s a beautiful costume and to say Quinn was a little excited to see it was an understatement! He couldn’t wait to put it on for our Easter hunt.

Next on our list of Easter traditions is of course hunting for eggs. On Easter Sunday we get together with our friends and attend a local Cadbury’s Easter egg hunt at a National trust for Scotland location. We choose a different location each year, this time Crathes Castle near Banchory in Aberdeenshire. Crathes is absolutely beautiful and the egg hunt did not disappoint. All round family fun hunting for clues, with a chocolate reward at the finish.

A place we often also like to visit is Easter Anguston farm. The farm is ran by the VSA, the North East of Scotland’s social care charity. The farm is an amazing place where you can take a nature trail and visit the animals, pick your own fruit and is home to the new Enchanted Fairy wood. We were and still are absolutely blown away by the cuteness of this magical little place. I’m sure we will be paying another visit to the Fairy wood soon!

Maybe next year we will get to visit Walt Disney World for Easter and wouldn’t that be an adventure!

Alannah x

The journey begins

What better way to start off my new blog than an insight into my life, as well as what you can expect to read when visiting this site.

My name is Alannah, i am 31 years old and you may already know me as @pixieplanner_ on Instagram. I live in a small village just outside the city of Aberdeen, Scotland with my husband Kevin, our 7 year old son Quinn @littlepeterpan__ and our 9 year old Chihuahua Diesel (dd).



As you can tell, we are a Disney family that are always eagerly awaiting and counting down to our next Walt Disney World adventure. Disney World is like a second home to us, we visit 2-3 times per year so expect to see a lot of that focus on here. We are annual passholders and Disney Vacation club members and a lot of our time is spent staying at our favourite resorts, with our hope to stay at each one discovering the wonders they each have to offer.



I have a major love of hair bows, which I wear everyday and of course Mickey ears. I love to grow my collection, styling them together with cute Disney outfits and snapping photos. This all adds to the excitement and build up of our trips!

Other than Disney, I love spending as much time with Quinn as I can. Together we enjoy playing, exploring and adventuring our local area as a family. We love spending time at home, the outdoors, trips to the theatre and eating out at restaurants.

From my blog I hope to be able to share my love and knowledge of Disney, the theme parks and resorts. Parenting, travel, photography, fashion, food and family life will all be part of my weekly blogs.

I love answering the questions i receive on Instagram, so feel free to contact me with any ideas or suggestions you may have.


I am so excited for this new adventure and can’t wait to get started!

Alannah x



My name is Alannah, I am a 31 old mother and wife from Scotland with a love for all things Disney.  My main adoration in life is my little boy Quinn, who shares my love of Disney and of course Peter Pan.

In 2014 I began a Disney related account on Instagram @PixiePlanner_  to share our time spent at Walt Disney World.  The creation of @littlepeterpan__ , an account filled with Quinn’s Disney adventures followed two years later.

Here you will find aspects of my life from Disney to family, travel to parenting, photography and food.

Always believe in the magic…..