Onward – A Magical, Mystical Adventure In 4DX

On Saturday Kevin, Quinn and I went for a special leap day advanced preview of Disney and Pixar’s Onward. For the first time, we watched the movie in 4DX and today I am going to share our experience.

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Our local Cineworld was showing the movie in 4DX, so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to surprise Quinn with our first experience.  Cineworld describes 4DX as an extreme sensory cinema with stimulating effects like water, wind, scent and strobe lighting. My first impression of the theater was that of luxury. The seats were huge, very comfortable and roomy and as they were positioned quite high above the ground, each seat had a foot rest. On the arm rest I noticed a button that you could press to deactivate water from being sprayed your way, which I definitely pressed! I’m all for the experience, but do not like getting my hair wet!

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As soon as the credits started to roll, the seats started to move in all directions, wind was being blasted from every direction and Quinn had leant on my button, which meant I also got wet! I will admit that in the first five minutes of Onward I seriously doubted our choice, as I found it hard to focus on the screen due to all the distractions. The movement did settle down a little but each time the movie picked up pace, it felt like I was experiencing a 4D ride rather than a movie! Each time I looked round at Kevin and Quinn, they were giggling and grinning from ear to ear. They definitely enjoyed the experience and are already planning a return trip in the upcoming weeks.

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To summarise, although I really did enjoy my first 4DX experience, I much rather prefer to watch movies in 2D. The immersive experience cost £17.60 per adult and £11.40. The 4D glasses are £1 each, or you can bring your own from home which we did.

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Wow did I love Onward even more than I had expected to! The movie tells the story of Ian Littlefoot and his brother Barley who set off on a magical, mystical adventure to spend one more day with their father who died when they were young. The storyline was easy to follow, heartwarming and very emotional! The relationship between Ian and Barley was inspiring and Onward was action packed from start to finish, just as Pixar does best. I don’t want to give too much away, but what I will say is bring your tissues!

Did you catch the Onward previews on Saturday, or are you planning a visit to the cinema next weekend?

Alannah x

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