Spending The Holidays At Home – What Quinn Got For Christmas

AfterlightImage 2Happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely Christmas, wherever you may have spent it. For the first time in three years our little family spent the holidays at home instead of at Walt Disney World. Although we missed it like crazy and spoke about what we may have been doing each day, it was lovely to spend some quality family time at home relaxing. I definitely ate far too much food and spent most of my time dressed in pyjamas, but it was exactly the break I needed to start refreshed for the New Year.

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On Christmas morning I had to wake our sleepy Little Peter Pan around 8am, which is very unusual indeed. Unsure if he has had hit a growth spurt or if it’s just his sleep pattern now, but our usual super early riser is no more! Quinn was absolutley delighted to wake up to the Lego Disney Train and Station which he has longed for since its release date back in September 2019. If you follow our daily adventures on Instagram, you will know of Quinn’s love for Lego, particularly Disney Lego. Santa brought him the Lego Disney Castle back in 2016 and its his most treasured Lego set to date. Lego sets can be quite expensive, but the creativity and problem solving skills it brings to your child as well as the years of play, make the sets one hundred percent worth it for me. You can find the Lego Disney Train and Station retailing at £299.99.

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Another toy that Quinn had his eye on for a very long time was the Buzz Lightyear Interactive Drop-Down Action Figure. This toy had a hefty price tag of £79.99, but was reduced to £55.99 in theShopDisney UK sale. Very expensive for an action figure I know, but this toy is literally the best toy I have ever seen! It has over 65 sayings and sound effects and the best part is that it responds to four different voice commands and when you say “someone’s coming!” Buzz drops to the floor! The fun Quinn has with his collection of Toy Story toys is amazing and his imagination is endless. Buzz fits right in with the gang and he is already very loved and played with. You can find the Buzz Lightyear at ShopDisney UK for £55.99.

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Staying with the Toy Story 4 theme, Quinn loves figures and received a Toy Story 4 Mega Figurine Playset from his Granny. The set was originally £40, but a now £19.99 in the ShopDisney UK sale. The box was huge and filled with figures including Forky, Gabby Gabby and Bo Peep. Also in the sale from £24.99, now £17.49 is the Mattel Duke Caboom Stunt Racer. One of Quinn’s favourite characters from the movie is Duke Caboom, so this was a great addition to his collection.

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Quinn’s love for Peter Pan overshadows everything of course and Santa brought him some Never Land soft toys. He was over the moon to unwrap Michael and John Darling and the Lost Boys Cubby and Slightly. These are quite rare finds and have been incredibly loved since they arrived on Christmas Day! 

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We are in the process of building the Lego Disney Train and Station now. Well I say we but Quinn is the builder, we help by looking out the pieces since there are so many! It’s so close to being completed and you can follow along with Quinn’s progress on Little Peter Pan. The Train and tracks are now complete as is the ground floor of the station. The Train is powered by the Lego Powered Up and it’s just magical! Quinn has played with it everyday, filling the train with Disney Minifigures. I can’t wait to see the finished product, it looks amazing already!

Alannah x

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