Choosing Outfits For Our Next Walt Disney World Adventure

Our Walt Disney World trip is just right around the corner, so it was time for my little Peter Pan to pick out his fun outfits of choice! We needed to check what would still fit him and how many outfits he was planning on taking, because if I left it up to him he would take them all! It was a super hard task for him choosing, but I think we are organised now. As you may already know, he literally lives in his little Peter outfits, but he likes to twin with all his favourite characters whilst staying cool and comfortable. Quinn’s Fairy Godmother does an amazing job at creating exactly what he imagines and we also love outfits from Shop Disney UK. Today I’m going to talk about the outfits that are coming with us, some sadly for the last time as he’s always growing out of something, sob!

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Little Peter Pan

Of course no Walt Disney World trip, or any place we visit really would be complete without Quinn’s forever favourite outfit! I don’t think there will ever come a day when he doesn’t love Peter with all his heart which is so lovely. He currently has two of these outfits that we are bringing with us and we have another two on order, as he wears them everyday of our trip! This outfit was created by his Fairy Godmother and the hat was handmade by the amazingly talented Magical Things.

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Captain Hook

Quinn loves this silly codfish, its one of his favourite outfits of all time and I think he looks super cute! Captain Hook approves, as well as Smee and even Peter Pan himself! This outfit was created by Quinn’s Fairy Godmother and the hat was from Shop Disney UK.

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This Disney Bound was brought together by Quinn himself and has been tweaked over the years with new t-shirts and shorts as he keeps growing out of them! He has a wonderful imagination and I’m always so happy when we can pull off a bound or outfit that he has planned. The t-shirt, hat and glasses from this outfit were from Amazon and the shorts were made by his Fairy Godmother.

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Flynn Rider

Who could resist this smolder? It’s bound to make you smile right?! Quinn loves to twin with Flynn and of course visit Rapunzel wearing this. This outfit is a favourites of his and was created by his Fairy Godmother. It has fit him for such a long time and I hope he never grows out of it!

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Prince Naveen

Or “fancy Naveen” as Quinn calls this outfit, is super cute and I love it! Naveen is currently his favourite Prince and for some reason it hasn’t had that much wear in the Disney parks, I believe he has only worn it twice. Quinn’s favourite part of this outfit is the cape and he can’t wait to flap it around when we arrive back! This outfit was made by his Fairy Godmother.

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This outfit Quinn calls his  “Jazzy Naveen” and he loves it as he can twin with Naveen as he “cuts a rug” on the castle stage! It’s another favourite of Quinn’s and has been ever since his Fairy Godmother created it for him.

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Sheriff Woody

Quinn first wore a Woody outfit to the parks when he was tiny at his first ever Mickey’s not so scary Halloween Party, so it will always be precious to me seeing him dressed as his favourite cowboy! Quinn grew out of his last one, so this outfit is new from Shop Disney UK and the hat is from Walt Disney World.

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Quinn is even more excited to twin as Aladdin after falling in love with the new live action movie! He hasn’t worn it to the parks for a while, so he wanted to bring it with us this trip. His Fairy Godmother created this one for him also and the lamp is from Shop Disney UK.

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Snow’s Prince

Again Quinn loves this outfit due to the cape and the hat. Can you see a trend with the hats? He has always loved to wear a hat and play Prince to the fairest of them all. He has only worn this once to Storybook Dining with Snow White, so he is desperate to wear it again! Snow’s Prince was made by Quinn’s Fairy Godmother.

So those are the choices with the exception of a couple of outfits that will be waiting for him when we arrive. Do you have a favourite?

Now Quinn’s outfits are organised, I need to do the same with mine this coming week. I really enjoy pairing my outfits together with some Mickey Ears, but the packing not so much!

Alannah x


  1. Such cute costumes. Can’t wait to see your trip 🙂

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    1. PixiePlanner says:

      Awww, thank you so much! We can’t wait now! 🐭

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