Practically Perfect Scents – A Magical Filled Review

If you follow me on Instagram you will know how much I love to support small shops, particularly ones from the UK. Prior to its opening last week, I was lucky enough to be sent some inspired wax melts to sample from Practically Perfect Scents. Today I am going to talk a little about what I recieved and what this lovely little store has to offer.

Practically Perfect scents store just opened this week and I am already in love with what they have to offer. Filled with bespoke Disney inspired wax melts and candles, the store has many of your favourite parks and resorts scents on offer from Mouse Waffles to Savannah View. Hand poured in the UK, your prefered scent can also be made to order in a reed diffuser or even a car fragrance.

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Being Little Peter Pan’s Mum, of course it was only fitting that the lovely Natalie sent some Peter Pan inspired wax melts for Quinn and I to sample. Having no idea what was inside, the excitement was real for Quinn as he opened our package! He recognised right away from the beautiful smell of chocolate and mint, that the shapes inside of the bubble wrap were indeed wax melts.

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First unwrapped were the Neverland and Hook wax melts. I must admit that I was very impressed with the simple attention to detail on each package and the lovely bow caught my eye straightaway. You all know that I’m a sucker for a bow! The smell that came from the Hook pack was just amazing, not like his usual Codfish scent! Black Cherry and Liquorice is the scent and we both loved it so much, we chose to burn this one first. Quite ironic that a Never Land loving family chooses Hook first right? I cant even describe how lovely our house smelt as the the wax was melting, I could compare it only to the smell of a cherry Airhead only much sweeter and pleasant. The Neverland inspired wax melt comes in a scent of dreamy lavender and vanilla and it smells just that, dreamy for sure.

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The next two clam shell wax melts Quinn unwrapped were Pan, Lost Boys and also a small Wax Mouse Waffle Brittle Bag. Pan’s scent is Fresh Forest Pine, an absolutely perfect fragrance for Peters sense of adventure! Quinn thought that the Lost Boys melt smelt like chocolate ice-cream and he was very close, Chocolate Mint is the fragrance and it is just lovely. The Mouse Waffles scent of Hot Waffles with Syrup from the small brittle bag is absolutely incredible, just wow! As soon as it started to melt, I felt as if I wasn’t in my living room but standing in line at the Plaza ice-cream Parlour on Main Street! Whats also amazing is how it looked as it melted, so cute and sparkly I could have watched it all evening!

If you are missing the scents of the Walt Disney World Resort, head on over to Practically Perfect Scents and look for your favourite. I for one cant wait for the Christmas scents, I can smell the Grand Floridians Gingerbread House already!

Alannah x

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