Beating Those Post Disney Blues

We have been back home from Walt Disney World for over a week now and the magic has totally ended, sigh! Oh what a special and magical trip it was. We were totally immersed in the bubble (only leaving Disney property once so Quinn could go to Wendys!) and felt like we were away for such a long time. Of course all good things have to come to an end and spending so much time with your loved ones on the other side of the world comes with a hefty price tag, so back to work and school we go.


Of course the first way to beat those blues is to book another trip, hooray! That had already been done before we left for this trip, but before we flew back from Disney we created a waitlist to move our New Year stay at our Home resort Animal Kingdom Lodge to Bay Lake Tower. It had only been a few days and to our delight it came through! So looking forward to our stay and Christmas at Animal Kingdom Lodge first.

I’m sure many of you can relate to that empty feeling in your stomach as you drive under the Walt Disney World sign, which signifies the end of your trip. Weather it be a day, a weekend, or even weeks, you feel a broken person. So many feelings, memories and pure exhaustion from all the excitement and lack of sleep you may have lost. For our little family this is the moment Quinn loses it, just like he always does. His love for Peter Pan tugs on his little heart strings and he becomes an inconsolable wreck. Many people have asked the question, Why is he so upset? Or made the comment, you should be grateful for the time you get to spend at Disney. That indeed we truly are, but trying to explain to a 7 year old who has just spent the last two weeks running around his own little Never Land with Peter Pan is hard.


To try and lift his spirits at the airport, i always make a little video for Little Peter Pan to look back at. It always puts a smile on his and our faces to look back at his wonderful adventures with his best friend.

Sorting through photographs and videos is another way to take your mind off those dreaded Disney blues. If you are anything like me, your photo count will be into the thousands and coming from many places, your phone, your husbands phone, the camera and Disney Photopass. Im so thankful when they capture that all important memory and Quinn really likes the Magic shots too. He has his own library of him with Tink! One thing he is always excited to get back to is his toys. After this trip, he created his own Disney World and played for hours on end taking all his little characters to Magic Kingdom on the Monorail.



Quinns favourite thing to do once we get back of course is to officially start his chalk countdown. He updates it every Monday morning, so we can start our week on a happy note. Heres hoping our countdown fly in like the last one!

Alannah x

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