First Day Traditions at the Most Magical Place on Earth

For as long as I can remember, the first day of our trips to Walt Disney World have followed the same tradition. Of course things don’t always go to plan and we have had our fair share of delayed flights, resulting in us spending what would have been the first day of our vacation in an airport hotel room or travelling across the Atlantic. Generally speaking though, we like to make and stick to the same plan which includes Magic Kingdom, Peter Pan of course and plenty of yummy food!

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Quinn always wakes up at 5.30am EST on our first morning. Its like his body clock is adjusted already and he is ready to start his day! Not so handy for his tired Mum and Dad, but it does give us plenty time to get ready and soak in the magic at the resort we are staying in before we head off to Magic Kingdom for the day. We are infamously known for being late, so I am proud that for just one day we make it out the door on time, sometimes even ahead of time! Although we always hire a car on our trips, we tend to use Disney transportation to get us to the Magic Kingdom, weather it be a bus, water taxi or Monorail. Quinn’s excitement is usually through the roof, so anything that saves us some time we do. His outfit of choice on our first day is always, you guessed it, Peter Pan. Theres nothing he loves more than to twin with his hero.



After security and scanning our Magicband’s, then comes the best feeling ever. Entering Magic Kingdom and walking up Main Street gives me butterflies each time. Quinn is usually flying around in delight at being back to the place he calls home, where he can be himself and have the time of his little life. We love to visit the Citizens of Main Street, Chief Smokey being one of Quinn’s favourite Cast Members at Walt Disney World. We are always welcomed with open arms and sometimes even a sing song! Next on our plans is to head over to Fantasyland and use our first Fastpass on Peter Pans Flight, usually meeting the man himself after at the Never Land Map. We have been visiting the Map since Quinn was three years old and I don’t think he will ever tire of meeting Peter there.


We usually use another Fastpass before having lunch at our favourite restaurant in the parks, Plaza restaurant. The burgers and milkshakes are the best in Disney World if you ask me. The Cast Members are incredibly sweet and sometimes a special visitor from Main Street pops in past to say hello. Over the years, Quinn has been made Junior Mayor of Main Street USA for the day a couple of times. The chosen child receives a special rosette from the visiting Citizen of Main Street and the all important golden ticket, which gets you and your party to the front of the line on any attraction within the parks. Quinn rosettes hang proudly on his pirate ship bed along with his special Disney pins and signify such good memories.



After lunch, we usually have time for one remaining Fastpass before taking our place for Disneys Festival of Fantasy parade. This parade brings so much joy to Quinn and myself to see his beaming face as he waits for Peter, Wendy and Tinker Bell to sail down Main Street. He loves to see Hook and Smee too although he would never admit it!


After a busy first day in the parks, we are usually ready to head back to the resort for some much needed chill time ahead of another busy day. Cant wait to start our first day back at the parks in a couple of weeks! Do you have any first day Disney traditions? leave a message in the comments and let me know.

Alannah x





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